Things to Know about my cafe game


Things to Know about my cafe game


My cafe game is based on stories and recipes, although there are lots of features included in the game all of these are common as other restaurant or café. Surprisingly, the storytelling method appears as a difference in my cafe game. Players can play the game on two platforms such as Android and iOS, because it runs very smoothly.

However, my cafe game was developed by melsoft games. The developer of the game promises that each story in the game will be unique because players can easily make the right choice in my cafe game more than one way. If the player wants to more enjoy in my cafe game cheats, then they can use my cafe game cheats for unlimited currency.

Some Useful Features for Beginners

my cafe game brought for players some best unique features, so children can easily make their interest.

1. Serving Yourself – The serving will mostly be done by your top employee ann and your friend list. Not only this, but you can also hire the employees for your restaurant. You can prepare their drinks and foods but in any case, if you forget a recipe, then you can tap on the teacup icon which is found on the bottom right of your screen and easily view the recipe list in my cafe game.

2. Faster Service gives more Benefit – If you want to earn more profit, then you should focus on one thing that serving the foods to the customers quickly. Finally, gamers always should take feedback from their customers and appears their interest in my cafe game. With the help of my cafe game cheats allows you to obtain unlimited diamonds.