Sims Mobile game introduction and Gameplay


Sims Mobile game introduction and Gameplay

Sims FreePlay is one of the top-rated mobile game and growing user every day and enjoyed by every user who plays the game. The game is based on real-time mission, and daily task quest, including many tough missions, makes the game more enjoyable. Mobile version of this particular game is easy to play and understandable. Rather than just completing the mission in it you can add many things like hobby, career and many more features make it even more realistic.

Gameplay mission

Missions – There are many tasks to do in the game like complete daily missions, daily tasks, and event missions. Completing these missions, rewards experience points, currencies, and reach higher levels. Reaching higher levels of unlocks objectives and items to add in the houses. You will receive daily task every day so you can earn points, but it takes time to reach a higher level.

 Currency – there are limits you can earn experience and currency in a day. From experience, you can reach to higher levels and currency help to purchase things you can add in house customization. Simcash is the main currency of the game. This currency is hard to get because there is a limit in a day how much we can get it. Instead of working hard you can get Simoleons from Sims mobile cheats very easily, and it will help in reaching higher levels.

Simcash helps to upgrade the Sims and customize them and purchase premium clothing. You can customize their dress and purchase new for every Sim and upgrade everyone so they will do an activity faster. There is a limit of lifestyle currencies also and earn by only completing missions. While complete all the mission you can try Sims mobile cheats so you can get more points easily and upgrade your Sims easily.