Episode – Choose Your Story – A Game Full Of Stories


Episode – Choose Your Story – A Game Full Of Stories

If you are finding a reliable source which provides lots of entertainment then the option of Episode – Choose Your Story is best. It is a game which can be played on the Android and iOS platform. A story line makes the game perfect and most entertaining. In case of it, the complete game is based on the stories. The players are required to create new stories or they can play with old stories. In the game, players can enjoy over 75000 stories those are created under different types of genres or categories. You are able to choose the best story as per the taste or your choice.

Get information about gameplay

If we talk about the gameplay then it depends on the choice of players. The way of playing the game or story is completely based on the category of the type of stories selected by him/her. With the genre of story the role and type of character also get changed. The players are able to make changes in the way of playing and several other things. All these types of activities become possible due to the user-friendly interface and excellent features of the game. For more entertainment players should put efforts or try to create the story by adding their own elements and by getting episode cheats.

Work on a base

When you are going to create own story then you should pay attention to different factors. Players need to choose the characters of story wisely. For performing all activities properly and by avoiding all types of mistakes, players should select a theme or base first. In this way, players never get confused and they know that which type of things they want to create. The type or category of the story also performs work as the base of the story. If you are choosing the romance then the high recommendation for the story is an interesting love story.

Pay attention to appearance of characters

While adding the characters in the story, you should make sure that their appearance is perfect or not as per the role. Here the players need to spend a good amount of currency for providing the required look or appearance to them. By using the in-game resources, players can customize the characters of story. During the customization, players are able to make changes in all things like – hair style, face cut or shape, eyes and numerous other things.